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Bayne Gardner and I were interviewed on KLCC.
I think his work is incredible! Don’t you?

Bayne Gardner and I were interviewed on KLCC.

I think his work is incredible! Don’t you?

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Now you see it. Now you don’t. The tale of the box that was rejected.

The box is located on 13th and Pearl. I had to repaint it after the traffic department thought it looked similar to a traffic light signal. I worked on this, my first box. for 3-1/2 days in 90° heat. So you can see why I wanted to save it.

First, I tried to alter the circles. This is the way Isaac (Public  Art  Manager- City of Eugene) described my first makeover:

"You know when you are making a cocktail and it just doesn’t taste right so you add more and it still doesn’t? Well this makeover is just like that bad cocktail. You can’t save it." This was the type of analogy you had to be there to hear.

So, I painted the box black and started again.

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occisusuniverse asked: What would a trip be without detours and inclement weather?

It would be called Smooth Sailing - all my ducks in a row!

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A progress report: first photo is of me at work. I cut the stencils from tagboard, and painted, using spray paint, fluid paint and acrylic markers. Unfortunately for me, the City of Eugene felt the design looked similar to traffic signals which could be confusing for drivers so I had to repaint the entire box, which is now the black box. Yes, it did state in the prospectus certain imagery that could not be used. But frankly I didn’t think of traffic signals…

Lesson learned: do exactly what you have submitted!

The community has been wonderfully supportive with positive comments. I hope they all know how good they make me feel. Many, many thanks to the folks who have brought me cold and hot beverages. Especially the woman in the red car on High Street that stopped by with a Raspberry Lemonade from Dutch Bros.

Working has been a challenge as the weather is in the mid 90s. So I’ve been trying to start working early as in 6-7 am and can only do so until early afternoon. The acrylic paints are not fond of hot weather, either.

With one week to go I hope I finish all 5 boxes in time for the Art Walk on August 2nd.

Cool weather would really help……

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Tuesday I will start with the designs. Hopefully the boxes won’t be tagged … 

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First steps: cleaning, priming and working on the five designs that will relate. Since the imagery I would normally select is not politically correct or so I’ve been told, I’ll be staying with the original pod shapes and circles, but cutting stencils. It’s funny how life can circle around. My early work revolved around stencils and they continue to resurface. Slow techniques vs. digital (Photoshop.) Come to think of it, Photoshop isn’t fast, for me at least.

Public art is always a challenge, and to be working with a somewhat different focus is very good for me.

The next step is spraying a second coat of primer and then the background color. 

At first I thought I would be painting the boxes with a brush, but then I thought, “Ahhh, Montana Spray Paint!” Acrylic, beautiful color selection, 6 different nozzle sprayer sizes and I can do the detail work with Golden Paints.

More to follow. Comments are always welcomed.

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Art the Box Project - City of Eugene, Oregon

I was selected (along with two other artists that I haven’t met yet) to paint five traffic signal boxes. My section is 13th Ave from Willamette to High St. This choice made me very happy as I have lived in Lane County since 1974 and my alma mater is the U of O, also located on 13th Ave.

Above are the two designs that I submitted. I have the option of changing the designs. As of today I will most likely stay with Design 2 Pods. What I do know is the colors will change from box to box.The average box size is 36” x 20”, and then add the sides that can be seen. I will be painting with Golden Paints and finishing with a high gloss anti-graffiti product. Still researching possible products. Did I mention the boxes will glow in the dark?

On the corner of 13th and Willamette there stands a Ghost Bike memorial. Yesterday when I was photographing and measuring the box I started to think I would like to somehow reference the death of the young man who lost his life at that corner.

Please keep checking back as both my Giraffes and ArtBox projects grow.